Adweek Honors Toronto’s Innovators

The latest in our Brand Stars series took place May 30

2019 Adweek Brand Stars of Toronto honorees Laura Pearce, Takara Small, Michele Romanow, Claudette McGowan
(L. to r.) Honorees Laura Pearce, head of consumer marketing, Twitter; Takara Small, founder, VentureKids Canada, technology columnist, CBC’s Metro Morning; Michele Romanow, co-founder, president, Clearbanc, “dragon,” CBC’s Dragon’s Den; Claudette McGowan, chief information officer, enterprise technology employee experience, Bank of Montreal, smile with their awards. Sean T. Smith/Gillian Foster
Headshot of Alexa Comeau

Brand Stars of Toronto on May 30 celebrated the talented marketers and brand leaders who exemplify the city’s growth, evolution and commitment to progress.

Check out the best shots from the event presented by PwC as well as Adweek’s upcoming events if you want in on the action.

2018 Adweek Toronto Brand Star Ahmed Ismail
2018 Toronto Brand Star and host Ahmed Ismail, co-founder, Hxouse, begins the ceremony.
Sean T. Smith/Gillian Foster
2019 Adweek Toronto Brand Stars trophies
Beautiful Toronto awards.
Sean T. Smith/Gillian Foster
2019 Adweek Toronto Brand Stars honorees Sobi Walia, Karan Walia and Anton Mamonov
Cluep honorees Sobi Walia, co-founder, ad ops director; Karan Walia, CEO and co-founder; Anton Mamonov, CTO and co-founder.
Sean T. Smith/Gillian Foster
PwC's Anita McOuat addressing audience at Adweek Toronto Brand Stars 2019
Anita McOuat, national leader, TMT and consumer markets, PwC, addresses audience.
Sean T. Smith/Gillian Foster
Partygoers at Adweek's Toronto Brand Stars 2019 celebration
Partygoers enjoying the festivities.
Sean T. Smith/Gillian Foster
2019 Adweek Toronto Brand Stars honoree Uwe Stueckmann with Loblaw Companies Limited team
Honoree Uwe Stueckmann, svp, marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited, celebrates with his team.
Sean T. Smith/Gillian Foster
This story first appeared in the June 10, 2019, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe. Alexa Comeau is the programming manager at Adweek, where she works on event curation while dabbling in some writing.