Adobe Debuts New Marketing App Geared to Executives

The launch marks creative software firm's first analytics app

Adobe plans to evolve the app into an AI assistant. Adobe

Adobe is releasing its first marketing analytics app this week, with an interface geared toward executives who want top-line numbers across a variety of channels in a mobile format.

The app, called Adobe Analytics dashboards, is designed to present data and analysis gleaned from the software giant’s marketing suite, Adobe Experience Cloud, in an easily accessible way to senior marketing leaders, thus potentially saving time for analysts who would otherwise need to pull individual requests. Adobe has signed City National Bank as one of its launch partners on the app.

“The expectations are that these executives aren’t going to log into a browser-based software software solution. It’s really designed more for an analyst-type persona,” said John Bates, a director of product management at Adobe. “It’s not single-channel data that helps to inform these executive decisions, like just the website. It’s about cross-channel insights, about the entire customer journey that needs to be readily, quickly and simply understood in order to make some of these very strategic decisions.”


The app is built around bits of information called scorecards, which analysts create and publish into the app for execs to view. Analysts can tailor which metrics they add to suit the particular needs of the app user.

The goal is to eventually evolve the app into a wider-ranging AI-powered digital assistant, which would be able to identify trends and statistical anomalies on its own to deliver in a way that’s understandable to C-suite members. Adobe has been expanding its AI capabilities for years, integrating its Sensei machine learning engine into more of its offerings.

“[It will be able to produce] a storyboard that describes and provides a narrative of why an anomaly is taking place, help them to identify insights, arbitrage opportunities, as well as proactively suggesting risks to the business based upon this analysis that our system intelligence is always doing in the background, even while the employees of the company are asleep,” Bates said.

Adobe previously released a virtual analyst tool in late 2018 on the heels of its $4.75 billion acquisition of mar-tech giant Marketo.

@patrickkulp Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek.