Ad of the Day: A Volvo Truck Tows a Paraglider in Brand’s Latest Daring ‘Live Test’ Stunt

Better keep that speed even

Volvo Trucks is spewing a bunch of technical information about its new transmission, including its "unique powertrain," D13 engine, I-Shift Dual Clutch and low-fuel consumption. But mainly what you'll remember about its latest video is a dude paragliding behind a massive rig while it speeds up to a narrow passageway under a low-lying bridge.

Is the guy about to be decapitated?

Of course the brand wouldn't let that happen (if it could help it). Volvo Trucks, home to advertising hits "Epic Split" and "Look Who's Driving," among other stunt videos, put pro paraglider Guillaume Galvani through some high-flying (and jogging-along-the-pavement, Looney Tunes-style) paces.

He ends the two-minute ad, dubbed "The Flying Passenger," seemingly intact. His shoes are probably shot, though.

The video, filmed in a mountain pass in the Croatian Alps, aims to show off updated features of the Volvo FH truck. To keep the paraglider aloft, the truck had to keep up its speed even on the ups and downs of the road. 

The bridge obstacle, in particular, called for "high-precision driving at a constant cruising speed without any room for error," says Volvo's news release.

Galvani does his best to create tension, shouting at truck driver Louise Marriott to "Pull me up!" and "Don't slow down!" But didn't we know it would all work out, no matter the gears, revs or torque? It's a "live" test, after all.

"The Flying Passenger," from Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, is a scenic addition to Volvo's growing canon of adventure videos, now 100 million-plus views strong. Is it as memorable as Jean-Claude Van Damme straddling two semis? Maybe that's just not a fair comparison.


Client: Volvo Trucks

Product: Volvo FH, Longhaul truck

Title: Volvo Trucks – Flying Passenger (Live Test)

Advertiser Supervisor: Ingela Nordenhav, Global Marketing & Communications Director

Advertiser Content Manager: Ida Mattsson

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

Senior Account Director: Olle Victorin

Account Director: Cilla Pegelow

Account Manager: Anneli Kjellander

Art Director: Sophia Lindholm, Kim Cramer, Anders Eklind

Copywriter: Björn Engström

Designer: Jerry Wass

Planner: Tobias Nordström

Agency Producer, Film: Jens Odelbring

Agency Producer, Digital: Peter Gaudiano

Production company: Academy

Producer: Cathy Green

Executive Producer: Simon Cooper

Postproduction: ETC London

Stills Photographer: Robin Aron Olsson

Media Partner: Be On

Director: Nabil Elderkin

Music: Daniel Heath

Music Supervisor: Jenny Ring

Editor: Damion Clayton

Postproduction Sweden: Chimney

Post Producer: Louise Ahrén

Sound: Frippe Jonsäter