A U.K. Grocery Store Is Letting You Get Awkwardly Festive by Shopping on Ice Skates

Iceland Foods hopes to bring it to all locations someday

A synthetic ice surface was laid down overnight by 12 experts at the chain's London Stratford location. Iceland Foods
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According to U.K. grocery chain Iceland’s research, 89 percent of children find holiday food shopping to be boring. So the brand found a new way to keep things entertaining in the aisles.

“Shopping on Ice” is a concept recently tested in the chain’s London Stratford location, where 12 ice rink experts worked overnight to install a synthetic ice surface. Customers then got to skate their way through their shopping runs, with smaller children being a little extra support from a penguin on skis.

The brand’s research into opinions on holiday food shopping had also found that 83 percent of parents wished they had more time to enjoy the time leading up to Christmas, a finding that helped inspire the idea.

The grocery ice rink concept was created by agency Taylor Herring, known for generating attention-grabbing stunts like Now TV’s Fred the pub-going android (promoting Westworld) and the living-dead East London billboard that featured zombies chowing down on human corpses to promote Walking Dead-themed attractions.

This time around, Taylor Herring has dialed back the weirdness and insanity while still showing it can get attention for clients with activations that capture the imagination. The firm eventually hopes to roll the idea out to Iceland locations across the U.K.

Iceland Foods
Iceland Foods
Iceland Foods

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