A Caveman Concocts Cunning Ways to Cut the Line In This French Supermarket Ad

Rosapark has another trick up its loincloth for Monoprix

Even prehistoric lines were awful. Monoprix
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Are you still waiting in line at the supermarket? How very prehistoric of you.

French retailer Monoprix goes back in time—way, way back—to show us the inherent misery in queuing up and the way one opportunistic Early Man tries to game the system. (It involves a number of underhanded tactics including a poisonous snake, fake pregnancy, Pterodactyl attack and strategic pantsing, the loincloth version).

To promote the app called “Monoprix et Moi,” agency Rosapark created a cinematic two-minute video filled with sight gags and guttural chatter that follows one determined Neanderthal as he methodically (and hilariously) picks off the Cro-Magnons ahead of him in the chow line.

“Really, who hasn’t tried to get out of standing in line?” the brand asks, noting that Sapiens of yore had to be cunning and clever (and ruthless) to get ahead. But that kind of time suck is “ancient history,” according to the brand. “Thankfully, today, we’re evolved.”

Or at least, we know how to download a fast-pass app by which we can pay directly from our smartphones and skip the whole checkout process.

There’s an age-old fascination with cavemen in media, commercials and entertainment, with some zeitgeist-catching standouts over the years like Geico’s long-running ad series, which became a short-lived ABC sitcom. “Humanity’s First Queue” is another noteworthy entry.

The spot comes from film and commercial director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, responsible for the mesmerizing Honda classic “Cog,” one of the most famous car ads of all time.


Co-Founders Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco, Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
Creative Directors: Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Art Director: Cerise Leclerc
Copywriter: Louise Mussot
Managing Director, Strategic Planning Director: Sacha Lacroix
Associate Director: Quentin Labat
Account Director: Lucile Wissocq
Account Manager: Justine Ducher
Producer: Thomas Laurent
Strategic Planner: Sarah Herbain

Production: Partizan
Director:  Antoine Bardou Jacquet
Producer: Khalid Tahhar
Production Director : Isabelle Labeylie
1st Assistant Director : Olivier Coulhon
DOP : Marc Gomez Del Moral
Chief Decorator : Alexandre Vivet
Styliste: Elise Bouquet
Make-up : Annabelle Petit

Head of Digital Strategies: Jeanne Neuschwander
Social Media Managers: Calliste Garrabos & Charlotte Giraud
PR: Mélanie Colleou
Executive Production: Production Family (Kiev)
Image Post-Production: Mikros
Post-producer: Sébastien Gros, Jonathan Trebois – Mikros
Editor: Sophie Reine – Mikros
Sound Production: Schmooze
Sound Producers: Matthieu Sibony, Grégoire Galian – Schmooze
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Monoprix Marketing and Innovation Director: Florence Chaffiotte
Monoprix Brand Image Director : Nicolas Gobert
Monoprix Social Media Manager: Stéphanie Jallet

Blue 449
CEO: Pascal Crifo
Deputy General Manager: Marion Haan
Senior Business Manager: Florence Mary
Head of Brand Activation: Fouad Hachani

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