A Brooklyn Burger King Delivered Beef Whoppers to Customers Who Ordered (Meatless) Impossible Patties

Vegetarians were not pleased with the mistake

One of the much-desired Impossible Whoppers Getty Images
Headshot of Diana Pearl

A Burger King in Brooklyn, New York, made a serious blunder this week when it delivered Whoppers made of real beef to customers who had ordered Impossible Burgers, a meat substitute that entered the fast-food chain’s menu in April.

On its Seamless menu, a Burger King location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, advertised a version of the restaurant’s best-selling burger, the Whopper, made with Impossible Burger patties. Impossible Burger, of course, is a meat-substitute product that is known for having an incredibly similar taste to actual animal meat.

Burger King announced its partnership with buzzy, meat-free brand Impossible Burger in April of this year, and it’s currently available in four cities: St. Louis; Miami, Florida; Columbus, Georgia; and Montgomery, Alabama. Absent from that list, you might notice, is New York City. A manager for the Brooklyn location told Eater NY that when people have ordered the Impossible Burger, they’ve been sending beef burgers in its place, along with instructions to the driver to inform customers of the change.

According to Eater NY, however, not all drivers heeded that instruction. “I was incredulous,” an anonymous vegetarian who consumed one of the Whoppers told Eater NY. “It’s maybe 20 percent poisoning. This is a city where there are a lot of reasons why people don’t eat [meat], from religion to health to ethics.”

A Burger King spokesperson told Adweek in a statement that the issue occurred to “due to a technology error.” Since the news has come to light, the Impossible Burger has been removed from the restaurant’s Seamless page.

“The Impossible Whopper is not yet available in New York, but we look forward to making it available for our guests soon,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “We have recently become aware that due to a technology error, one of our franchisees incorrectly listed the Impossible Whopper as a menu item available at some New York-area restaurants through two third-party delivery platforms. The issue has been corrected and the item is no longer listed as an option until we officially bring the Impossible Whopper to New York. We apologize for any confusion this has caused. Any guests who ordered an Impossible Whopper through delivery in the New York area and have any questions may call 1-866-394-2493.”

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