If Coke’s Unity Anthem ‘Hilltop’ Had a Cynical Sibling, It Would Be This Delightful Snickers Super Bowl Ad

A most pleasing not-quite-a-remake from BBDO NY to fix the world

people standing at the edge of a giant hole
Feeding the earth ... a Snickers bar?
Mars, Inc.

Still taught in classes to this day, Coca-Cola’s iconic “Hilltop” ad remains one of advertising’s most compelling beacons of marketing lighting up an otherwise boring world. If Coca-Cola created that ad today, it might look different, but not quite as cynically delicious as Snickers’ Super Bowl ad.

“Hilltop” is the overachieving kid of the family, and #SnickersFixTheWorld is the sibling that skated by getting mostly Bs (with a few Cs peppered in for good measure) and managed to hide the weekend party thrown while the parents were away.

In other words, it’s a glorious ad that fits right in with the joyfully snarky repertoire that the brand and its agency, BBDO New York, are known for. Clocking in at a little over a minute (there will be a 30-second spot in the game), some of the world’s most puzzling ills are put into musical relief.

Grown men riding scooters, mom sending naughty selfies, parents naming a child Kale, funky autocorrect, politics and privacy all get skewered in anthemic form. But where the comparisons to Coca-Cola’s classic get a little more apparent is the hundreds of people singing together as they walk toward a massive hole in the ground (this explains the teasers) intending to feed the earth a Snickers bar.

Directed by Tom Kuntz, BBDO New York brought in talent from the wider network including AMV BBDO to take part in the fun.

Will chocolate, caramel, nougat and peanuts fix a cranky world’s problems? Probably not, but it’s a nice thought. There’s a fun payoff at the end that involves a selfie stick, and a welcome appearance from prolific character actor Luis Guzman. And don’t blink or you’ll miss cameos from actress Miranda Cosgrove, WWE star Charlotte Flair and delightfully loopy NBA icon Bill Walton.

It’s a unique way to keep the momentum rolling on the brand’s iconic positioning, “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry,” celebrating its 10th anniversary (has it been that long?) Additionally, it so happens that the Snickers brand has been around for 90 years.

“This new ad marks the latest evolution of our award-winning ‘You’re Not You’ campaign,” said Josh Olken, brand director of Snickers. “Since the first Super Bowl spot 10 years ago, we’ve shown the power of Snickers to satisfy when you’re out of sorts. Our attempt to ‘fix the world’ is a new angle, and our biggest yet: When the world itself is out of sorts, maybe it just needs a Snickers.”

Wouldn’t that be nice? And it sure will be interesting to see what happens with the digital extensions of the campaign, which includes some social action from some of the celebs who have participated in the campaign over the years.

The brand is out there now with #SnickersFixTheWorld, and it’s highly likely that most people will get the joke while others will continue to be miserable—nothing a Snickers bar can’t fix.

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“Snickers Fixes The World”

Client: Mars Chocolate North America
Tanya Berman: VP of Marketing
Josh Olken: Brand Director, SNICKERS® Brand
Martin Terwilliger Sr.: Brand Manager, SNICKERS® Brand
Michael Italia: Head of Social Media & Digital Content at the Hive
Seth Dager: Head of Social Creative at the Hive
Betsy Magilnick: Social Media Strategist at the Hive
Rankin Carroll: Global VP, Chocolate Category BU
Dale Green: Global Brand Director, SNICKERS®/ Bars

Creative Agency: BBDO

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