This Nashville Agency Combines Data and Musical Preferences to Put the Power of Music Into Campaigns

FlyteVu pairs clients with recording artists

Partners Laura Hutfless and Jeremy Holley established FlyteVu in October 2015. Seth Farmer
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At Nashville, Tenn.-based marketing agency FlyteVu, the 12-person team lives and breathes music.

Jeremy Holley, a former Warner Music marketing executive, and Laura Hutfless, a music partnership agent at CAA, launched the agency in October 2015 with the goal of pairing clients like Bumble and Cracker Barrel with recording artists, using a combination of data and their own personal love and appreciation for music.

“Any agency that wants to make this process automated will be missing the emotional connection that these brands have with these artists,” said Hutfless, now head of business development.

To illustrate the power of music in a campaign, Hutfless and Holley, the agency’s head of marketing, pointed to recent work for Tennessee Tourism (done in partnership with VML). The client wanted to launch a Snapchat channel with help from country artist Garth Brooks, who was about to become the best-selling U.S. solo artist of all time. Although Brooks “is from Oklahoma, all seven of his records were recorded in the state of Tennessee,” explained Holley. FlyteVu used the newly created Snapchat channel to distribute tickets to a free Garth Brooks concert. Tickets were gone in less than three minutes, and the account snagged 31,000 followers in 24 hours. All told, the campaign drove more than $700,000 in tourism revenue for the state of Tennessee.

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@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.