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Why Video-Game Stephen Curry Is Thrilled About Real-Life Stephen Curry's MVP Award

Under Armour and NBA 2K16 team up for fun stunt

Something strange happened with Stephen Curry this season—well, stranger than his usual otherworldly feats. The real-life Stephen Curry started playing so ridiculously well that he began to outpace the NBA…

5 Ways Historically Male Brands Are Now Reaching Out to Women

Lessons from the NFL, Adidas, Harley Davidson and others

It may have been an unexpected sight to some when 72andSunny rolled out the latest commercials for Adidas, featuring more than a dozen women—including famous faces like socialite Hannah Bronfman,…

This Week's Must-Haves: Livestream's Mevo Camera Lets You Edit Live Video in Real Time

Plus, Moleskine's connected notebook and UnderArmour's HealthBox

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a camera built for high-quality livestreaming, Under Armour's new app-connected gadget suite and a notebook that automatically saves your writing to the cloud.…

Under Armour Is Making a New 3-Second Ad for Every Stephen Curry 3-Pointer in the Playoffs

This could get a little crazy

NBA star Stephen Curry is famous for shooting three-pointers. So, for each one he sinks during this year's postseason, Under Armour will honor him with a new three-second ad. The sports…

High-End Hunting Apparel Is Killing It With Hipsters and Baby Boomers

Camouflage goes upscale

Hunting: It's not just for the Duck Dynasty set anymore. The activity so often associated with rural America is increasingly being marketed as an adventure sport, with more consumers signing…

Under Armour's CEO Just Hinted at How His Company Can Grow to $7 Billion by 2018

Kevin Plank says 'data is the new oil'

At South by Southwest Interactive on Monday, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank recalled crying at a tollbooth about 10 years ago while trying to explain to the attendant that he…

What Michael Phelps Loves About His Under Armour Ad, and Why He's Never Worn Nike

Our chat with the Olympic legend ahead of his swan song in Rio

BALTIMORE, Md.—Michael Phelps and Under Armour were, in a sense, born at the same moment. The performance sports apparel brand was founded here in Baltimore in 1996 by Kevin Plank. That same…

Heading to Austin? Here Are 10 Must-See Marketing and Media Sessions at SXSW

Obama headlines, but there are plenty of other intriguing speakers

Below are 10 events from the SXSW Interactive agenda that caught our eye. The Austin, Texas, festival runs from March 11 to March 15, and all events are listed in…

Michael Phelps Returns for One Last Swim in Under Armour's Haunting New Ad

Bearded champion preps for Rio

Michael Phelps has been an Under Armour endorser since 2010, but of course, he's only truly in the spotlight quadrennially, during the Olympics. Now 30 years old, the world's greatest-ever…

Tech-Savvy Brands Share 4 Vital Tips for Going All in on Wearables

Fossil, FitBit say flexibility and social are key

BARCELONA, Spain—Connected devices and the so-called Internet of Things has been a massive theme at this year's Mobile World Congress, particularly in fitness. A quartet of brands today spoke about how…