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A Very Brief History of Web Video

From lonelygirl15 to billions of viewers

December 1995-January 1999 After seeing Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s short Spirit of Christmas, TV exec Brian Graden commissions a second video he distributes to friends on VHS. The video—and…

Netflix Reverses Its Qwikster Rebranding

DVD and streaming services won't be split up after all

Say goodbye to Qwikster. The short-lived Netflix spinoff is no more, according to a post on the Netflix blog by CEO Reed Hastings earlier today. Henceforth, mail-order DVDs and streaming…

Twitter's Qwikster Won't Give In to Netflix Without a Fight

Jason Castillo just wants to 'make bank'

Netflix's current Qwikster situation is so dumb that I'd think it was staged if there were anything for the company to gain from it. Qwikster is the name of the…

Netflix DVD Service Renamed Qwikster, With Same Pricing

CEO Reed Hastings admits 'I messed up'

After losing a million customers and a major portion of its stock value, Netflix has decided that it’s time to go in a new direction—but isn’t backtracking on the price…