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This Ad's Love Story Between a Mermaid and a Sailor Ends With Quite a Lovely Twist

A twisted take on The Little Mermaid

Remember those sailor stories about mermaids who drag drowning men to their doom? In this creepy—yet charming!—little piece of work, the National Maritime Rescue Organization tells just that tale ...…

The Holidays Weren't So Happy for the Boy in This Haunting, Heartbreaking PSA

A sobering look at family time

Not everyone in the family may have been looking forward to the holiday onslaught, as evidenced by this dark PSA from France.  Publicis Conseil created the ad, which follows an anxious…

What Will You Be Like in 2034? Chat With Your Future Self in This Trippy Ad Campaign

Jumping 20 years forward

Twenty years from now, I'll be a silver-haired fox and speak with a British accent, judging from this "Future Self" campaign created by Publicis Conseil and Jam3 for European telecommunications…

Coke Zero Chases James Bond Tie-In, Humming All the Way

Goofy spot by Publicis Conseil

Publicis Conseil in Paris put together this Coke Zero spot promoting the brand's involvement with the upcoming James Bond movie Skyfall, which I mistook for an airline shopping experience when…