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10 Terribly Misguided Old Drug Ads Revised With Modern Medical Information

But are we really any safer today?

Imagine peppy 19th and early 20th century ads for over-the-counter drug products containing cocaine and heroin, rewritten with today's medical knowledge., a resource for addiction treatment, did just that,…

Viagra Airs Its First Ad Featuring Only a Woman, and She Gets Right to the Point

A less chaste approach

This minute-long BBDO spot for Viagra is, apparently, the brand's first to show only a woman, and its first to use the word "erection" outside of the description of side…

Socially Stressed? Ask Your Doctor About 'Not Having Kids'

Freedom and regret, all in one dose of parody advertising

Since everyone I know is getting married and having children (and making sure Facebook stays informed about every step of those processes), this ad for a fake drug called Not…

SNL Helps Obama Through Presidential Depression With Paxil Second Term Strength

Three more years of meds

Most presidents go through a second-term depression, but Obama's has been particularly dismal. To help out, Saturday Night Live has introduced Paxil Second Term Strength, a depression medication for the…

Monistat Is Sorry (not Sorry) for Making Wearers of 'Granny Panties' Feel Bad

Fake apology, plus a hilarious talk show

Monistat used "granny panties" in a recent ad as a metaphor for how women feel when they have a yeast infection. Now, though, after supposed complaints from the granny-panty-wearing community,…

Anacin Maker Working on 'Bananacin,' Which Might Just Keep You Alive Forever

World's oldest man approved

It may not be the fountain of youth, but it could keep you from death's door—pretty much indefinitely. Anacin maker Insight Pharmaceuticals sprang into action this week upon hearing that the…

Depression Hurts. Tacos Loaded With Beef and Cheese Can Help

The world's most delicious antidepressant

The medicinal benefits of tacos are explained in this parody of antidepressant medication ads, which is a pretty clever piece of work (although trust me, beef sweats are no laughing…

Advertising's Cutest New Mascot Is Not Ready to Accept Your Love

Fluzone hedgehog is good at hiding out online

Fluzone, a flu vaccine being marketed by Sanofi Pasteur, is trying to harness some of Geico's cute-animal-mascot mojo with a hedgehog who decides to get his quills trimmed to match…

'Help I'm Nauseous Is Not Deviled Egg Flavored'

This and other pertinent facts from a pharma press release

Help Remedies is always amusing. The pharma boutique, known for its strange and compelling advertising, can liven up even the most tedious of media communications—the new-product press release. "Help I'm…

Ad Uses World Trade Center as Metaphor for Bad Knees

Few details available on pharma reference to 9/11

Yet another international ad referencing 9/11 surfaced (with few details) this weekend after a Reddit user posted it under the headline, "Pre-9/11 ad is strangely predictive." As Copyranter notes, it's…