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Smile, Wink, Pray: Brands Decode the Enigma of Emojis

Symbols are key to social media marketing

Marketers want to decode one of the social Web's most cryptic languages: emojis. The digital hieroglyphics, which convey users' thoughts and moods by way of hearts and smiley-faced poop across dozens…

Helping Brands Manage Social in a New Way

‘It’s boom times for data and marketing’

Social media marketing is part science—and if there is a secret formula to creating content, then surely marketers equipped with the latest data tools will find it. Companies like Percolate, fresh…

Percolate Raises $24 Million From Investors, Including WPP

Boosts content marketing plans

Percolate, a social media management firm for brands to track online conversations, announced a $24 million fundraising round today. The New York firm helps brands and agencies develop content marketing strategies…

Percolate Raises $9 Million in Series A Funding

The round is just another sign that the market for social is booming

In yet another sign that social expertise is currently in high demand, the New York-based social media software company Percolate today announced its $9 million series A funding round. Percolate has…