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This 80-Year-Old Marine Biologist Will Broadcast Her Next Sea Dive on Facebook Live

And field questions underwater for

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed's interview with President Obama—which was billed as a historic, real-time Facebook Live event—never got on track, stalling with a frozen screen after only a few minutes.…

National Geographic's Publications Shift to For-Profit as Fox Partnership Expands

New venture will be called National Geographic Partners

21st Century Fox, which has had a joint venture with National Geographic's TV channels for almost two decades, is expanding that partnership to all of National Geographic Society's media properties. Going…

Publishers' Online Headache

With tablets come opportunity, but also online piracy

With mobile devices, magazines have more ways than ever to distribute their content—and more ways of getting ripped off. Like the music and movie businesses before them, magazines are getting their…