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Here's What Happens When Kids Pick Between Toys and Household Chemicals

Don't give them the option

This Dutch PSA offers a striking reminder that brightly colored bottles are appealing to children—even when the bottles are filled with toxic liquids. In the Netherlands (not to mention the U.S.),…

Ad of the Day: Agency Builds Computer Model of a Girl to Catch Pedophiles Online

'Sweetie' triumphs at D&AD

The winners of the 52nd D&AD Professional Awards were announced in the U.K. last night. And among the big winners was this fascinating campaign from the Netherlands, in which ad…

Ikea Goes Nuts With 365 Ads in 365 Days

Ikea asks: "How do you prove that the Swedish furniture store has so much to offer, you can tell something different about it every day?" Many's the night I've lain…