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Lands' End Apologizes for Having an Interview With Gloria Steinem in Its Spring Catalog

Brand's pro-life customers weren't happy

Lands' End had been on a mission to shake its milquetoast reputation, but its latest effort might have just backfired—big-time—as the fashion house, known for its rather bland staples, issued…

Lands' End Gift Doesn't Go Over Well

Racy GQ cover causes backlash

When giving away a free "gift," keep your audience in mind.  Lands' End recently learned that lesson the hard way. The company sent out a complimentary copy of the July issue…

For Some Retail Brands, Lifetime Guarantees Never Went Out of Fashion

No expiration, no questions asked

Even if you’re up on your legal reading, it’s likely that you missed the case of Roy L. Pearson v. Soo Chung, et al. In 2007, Washington, D.C., resident Roy…