Topic: Jingles

Impressive Man Sings 20 Advertising Jingles in 60 Seconds

Chad Neidt's latest medley

Random YouTube person Chad Neidt put out a call on Twitter for classic advertising jingles and promised to include them in an epic acoustic-guitar mashup. I must say, he covers…

Woman Sings the Stanley Steemer Jingle in Bunch of Different Styles

Mia Gentile sure loves that song

New York artist Mia Gentile put together this three-minute video of herself singing the Stanley Steemer jingle in a variety of styles (and outfits). She also made it clear that…

Meow Mix Brings Back Famous Jingle You Never Knew Was Gone

16 years later, singing cats return

Cats rule the Internet. So, it seems odd that Meow Mix retired its famous advertising jingle in 1996, when the Web was just getting going. Singing cats meowing over and…