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New Net Neutrality Rules Are Coming

Congress party line vote is 3-2 in favor

Interrupted only twice by protestors before a packed room and several overflow rooms, the Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to proceed with establishing new net neutrality rules. The 3-2…

Democratic FCC Commissioners Ask Wheeler to Slow Down Net Neutrality Proposal

Has inspired 'torrent of public response'

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler may have just hit a snag in rushing his net neutrality proposal into the procedure pipeline at the May 15 meeting. On Wednesday, both Democratic…

Did FCC Chairman Go Too Far in Pushing for In-Flight Phone Calls?

Rulemaking threatens to cloud Wheeler's agenda

New FCC chairman Tom Wheeler may have stepped in it with his insistence to open up for comment a rule that would make it possible for consumers to use their…

Rockefeller Finally Weighs In on Wheeler FCC Nom

Statement from Commerce Committee chair highly anticipated

Maybe because everyone in Washington already spent months chewing over Tom Wheeler's qualifications as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission—or maybe it was because Congress was on a…

Obama Nominates Wheeler to Head FCC [Updated]

'The Bo Jackson of telecom'

In a move that came as no surprise to anyone inside the Beltway, President Obama today nominated Tom Wheeler to head the Federal Communications Commission. Wheeler, an ally and fundraiser…

Is Tom Wheeler the Frontrunner for FCC Chief?

Public interest and former Obama officials nudge president in letter

President Obama is getting an earful about who he should nominate as the next chair of the Federal Communications Commission, but despite all the noise and Beltway gossip, one name…

Is Commissioner Rosenworcel Making a Play for FCC Chair?

Rockefeller and 37 other Dems put pressure on Obama

Is Federal Communications commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel making a play to become the next FCC chair? It's hard not to connect the political dots, based on a letter a majority of…

New FCC Commissioners to Testify Along Familiar Lines

Oversight hearing tomorrow could cover wide range of issues

The first public appearance of the new federal communications commissioners was essentially a bust. Appearing in May before the Senate Commerce Committee only days after they were sworn in, the…

Senate Confirms FCC Nominees

Candidates were blocked for more than 5 months

The Senate confirmed two FCC nominees Monday afternoon, bringing the agency to its full membership of five. The two new commissioners, Republican Ajit Pai and Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel, were nominated by…

Hold on FCC Nominees Lifted

Grassley relents after Rockefeller intervenes

The Federal Communications Commission will soon be at full strength with five commissioners now that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) agreed to lift the hold he put on the two nominees…