Topic: Infographics

Infographic: Offline Conversation Is Still the Best Driver of Brand Awareness

New report says word of mouth remains king

For all the hand-wringing missives about the internet replacing actual human interaction, it seems that reports of conversation's demise are greatly exaggerated—at least when it comes to brand awareness. "Many…

Infographic: A Look at the Millions of Lives Saved and Improved by the Gates Foundation

How $36.7 billion from three donors has made the world a better place

A few years ago, Bill Gates—who, with a personal worth of some $75 billion, remains the wealthiest man on the planet—said something interesting about money: He didn't need it anymore. "Money…

Infographic: a Close-up Look at Gen Z's Mobile Habits

78% of post-millennials use social media apps most

A new study from Fluent focused on the mobile habits of the college-aged Gen Z demo. "To relate to this newer group of post-millennials [Gen Z] that are 'always on,'…

Infographic: Ad Tech Has Undergone a Supersonic Explosion in the Past 5 Years

It outpaced predictions by billions

It's no surprise ad tech has grown exponentially over the past few years. The Exchange Lab, a programmatic marketplace, recently took a look at just how far the industry has…

Here’s How Far Super Bowl Marketing Has Come in Its 50-Year History

Timeline: the Big Game by the numbers

During the first Super Bowl a half-century ago, Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi threw a fit when the second-half kickoff had to be done over. The reason? NBC held…

Infographic: Do TV Shows Airing After the Super Bowl Gain Long-Term Viewers?

Usually not, at least in the past 10 years

With the large, and usually record-setting, audience that tunes into the Super Bowl, the network fortunate enough to air it has a prime opportunity to showcase one of its top…

Infographic: Here's How Many Americans Are Saying Goodbye to Cords and Cable

Unsurprisingly, millennials are leading the charge

Millennials aren't the only ones cutting cords—even some boomers and Gen Xers are taking the leap. And advertisers and marketers should take note. "As smartphones become the primary hubs for…

Infographic: How Publishers Are Navigating the Brave New World of Ad Blockers

59% call it a 'significant threat'

Sourcepoint, a New York-based content compensation platform for publishers, recently released new data on the effects of ad blockers on its clients' sites. "As the threat of ad blocking is becoming…

Infographic: What Auto Buyers Want From Connected Cars, Today and Tomorrow

Shoppers are seeking both cool features and safety

Exclusive research from Autotrader shows that future car buyers don't want to sacrifice safety in the name of high tech. But they also desire the cool bells and whistles that…

Infographic: How the 5 Senses Drive Luxury Purchasing Habits

Touch is most important to buyers who splurge

It's no surprise that sensory experiences inform the way consumers purchase luxury goods. A new report from the Shullman Research Center dives into the nuances of sensory effects on purchases.…