Topic: Fragrances

Ad of the Day: Lady Gaga Fame

The pop star's new perfume spot smells like chaos

One of the nice things about perfume ads is that, since you can't smell online video (yet), nobody will mind if you decide that a given scent tickles the nostrils…

Perspective: Heart of Glass

Chanel No. 5's distinctive, timeless bottle

Sometime around 1913, a skinny and salacious Coco Chanel took as her lover one Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel. The rich young Englishman’s sartorial tastes included a square-cornered whiskey decanter that…

Perspective: Message in a Bottle

Men's cologne ads have always been about sex on some level

For a long time now, the advertising of men’s colognes has featured two key ingredients: men, plus that universally presumed (if not scientifically proven) wisdom that a nice-smelling fella’s going…

New Fragrance Smells Like an Apple Product Being Opened

Mmm, glue, plastic, rubber and paper

I never noticed that Apple products smell a certain way after you open them, but that didn't stop Air Aroma from turning it into a fragrance. The scent was designed…

Madonna Still Managing to Get Ads Banned for Being Too Sexy

ABC blushes at Truth or Dare fragrance spot

It's hard to believe we still live in a world where Madonna is considered too sexy for things, but ABC blushed at the ad for her Truth or Dare fragrance…

The Alpha Goddess

Open to anything, including technology

With age comes wisdom—at least, for a certain segment of been-there-done-that women. Employed, moneyed and content, this 55-to-64-year-old knows what she wants and, better yet, has the means to get…

Snooki Does a Ridiculous Ad for Her Ridiculous Perfume

Parody spot for a real product

Funny or Die strays out to the cutting edge of humor with yet another Calvin Klein Obsession advertising parody to throw on the pile. The subject is Eau de Snooki,…

Ad of the Day: Dolce & Gabbana

Scarlett Johansson's new fragrance spot is totally ridiculous. So, why is it sort of wonderful?

Ah, perfume commercials. The beautiful women, the graceful music, the complete lack of logic . . . what's not to love? As the rest of the advertising industry moves forward,…

Keith Urban, Ellen DeGeneres in Spoof Ad for His New Fragrance

Lots of licking, munching on ice

Country crooner Keith Urban is launching his own cologne. And if that's not funny enough, he and chat queen Ellen DeGeneres did a parody ad for it. Urban's fragrance, which…

Is Emma Watson's Lancôme Perfume Ad as Bad as They Say?

Ad likened to '80s music video

Work That Matters likens Emma Watson's new Lancôme spot to a bad '80s music video, and provides more than a few examples of the latter to back up that claim.…