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Lawmakers Fret Over Potential Super Bowl Blackout in Boston

DirecTV, Sunbeam urged to put aside differences for big game

The potential blackout of the Super Bowl on DirecTV in Boston has got lawmakers fretting and dashing off letters. Both U.S. senators from Massachusetts, Scott Brown (R) and John Kerry…

AT&T Lashes Out at FCC's Bid for Flexibility in Spectrum Auctions

Congress, not FCC, should set auction conditions, says AT&T

AT&T, one of the likely biggest bidders in any government auction for wireless spectrum, lashed out at the Federal Communications Commission's push for flexibility in how spectrum auctions are conducted. In…

High Court Hears Broadcast Indecency Cases

Justices unlikely to toss all rules

There were no fleeting expletives uttered by the litigators or the Supreme Court justices during Tuesday's oral arguments over whether the Federal Communications Commission's indecency policy violates the First Amendment.…

The Supremes Get Indecent Proposals

As court revisits FCC's rule over broadcast indecency, agency, ABC and Fox gird for showdown

A Supreme Court hearing on the power of the Federal Communications Commission to regulate broadcast indecency set for Jan. 10 is sure to be, in the famous words of Vice…

FCC Pushes Out Media Ownership Rules

Proposal codifies newspaper-TV combos held by Tribune and News Corp.

Once again, the Federal Communications Commission decided to move forward a major regulatory rule just before the holidays. Last year at this time, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski annoyed GOP lawmakers…

Bill Aims to Shut FCC's Revolving Door

Proposal would have made FCC commissioner Baker wait a year to join Comcast

When former commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker announced in May her exit from the Federal Communications Commission for Comcast just four months after casting her vote to approve the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger,…

AT&T Kills T-Mobile Merger

Deal faced stiff opposition from government, consumers

AT&T's blockbuster deal to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion from Deutsche Telekom is dead. The decision by AT&T comes nine months after it announced the deal. AT&T will recognize a pretax…

House and Senate Talks Stalled on Spectrum Bills

Stalled talks reduce chances for legislation this year

Negotiations between the House and Senate to resolve differences over spectrum bills that would free up spectrum for wireless services and public safety have stalled, reducing chances any spectrum legislation…

Spectrum Legislation Passes House

Part of larger bill, spectrum faces uncertain future in Senate

Legislation that would free up more spectrum for wireless services and public safety passed the House Tuesday as part of a massive 360-page year-end GOP payroll tax cut extensions bill. The…

FCC Passes Rules to Turn Down the Volume on Loud Commercials

CALM Act goes into effect in a year

Those loud TV commercials that annoy everybody have only one more year to live. The Federal Communications Commission passed rules Tuesday to implement the 2010 Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act,…