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Emotionally Charged Ad Asks, 'Why Bring a Child Into This World?'

Errol Morris partners with Unilever for short film

Unilever asks a heavy question—"Why bring a child into this world?"—in a four-minute video touting Project Sunlight, its new  global sustainability initiative. The consumer-goods titan created the short film in…

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Nov. 2-9

Brands get cooking, Switzerland kills time, and one agency discovers the holy grail of how to go viral

This week, long-lost lovers got knocked off their feet by new appliances, Dewar's demonstrated that you needn't have a Y chromosome to enjoy a "drinking man's scotch," and smartphones went…

Ad of the Day:

Errol Morris asks young people why they plan to vote (or not) on Tuesday

Last we checked in with Errol Morris, he was profiling sports fans whose passion for their teams extended into the afterlife. Now, he has embraced another seemingly grim topic with…

Ad of the Day: ESPN

Errol Morris brilliantly profiles the craziest fans around: those who cheer for their teams even in death

It's often said that being a sports fan is a lifelong commitment. In fact, it's so much more than that. ESPN and Wieden + Kennedy in New York take their excellent…

Errol Morris' AIG ad was ahead of its time

I just stumbled across this AIG commercial by visionary director Errol Morris. I have no idea when (or if) it ran, although one YouTube commenter mentions working on the campaign…

Errol Morris plugging his-and-hers Depends

Errol Morris fires up his famed Interrotron interviewing machine (which he used for the Apple "Switchers" campaign and some pro-Obama election ads, among other efforts) for this JWT work promoting…