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Don't Worry: Oliver Stone Still Mistrusts the Government, Media and Technology

Promotes his new movie Snowden at Cannes Lions

CANNES, France—Filmmaker Oliver Stone showed up at Cannes Lions to play his well-practiced, man-disaffected-with-everything routine, to accuse the corporate-owned media of complicity with first world governments, to blast tech giants…

Jeff Goodby Explains What He Learned at SXSW This Year

Thanks to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange


Edward Snowden: Tech Giants Are Irresponsible With Consumer Data

Exiled American whistle-blower on SXSW panel

Echoing sentiments expressed by Julian Assange at South by Southwest Interactive two days ago, exiled American whistle-blower Edward Snowden and fellow panelists today suggested that tech giants such as Google…

Julian Assange: Refugee Reporters Are Winning the Information War

WikiLeaks founder speaks remotely to large SXSW audience

Julian Assange has a message for the countries he believes have tried to systematically squash the kind of national security reporting he has become known for: Your plan has backfired. The…

Glenn Greenwald's First Look Media to Release Snowden-Themed Digital Mag

Title will be announced via Twitter

First Look Media, the journalism venture led by former Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, has announced that it will launch its first digital magazine next week.…

The Guardian Enlists New York Times to Help Surface Snowden Docs

Points to 'climate of intense pressure from the UK government'

The Guardian has enlisted The New York Times to help it report on documents leaked by Edward Snowden that concern a UK government intelligence agency, the British-based news organization reported…

Editor of The Guardian U.S. Calls NSA Stories 'Core' to News Op

Janine Gibson plans to expand into film, tech, music—and sustainability

The Guardian opened its U.S.-based digital operation nearly two years ago, but the British newspaper's American arm has received the most attention for its reporting on the National Security Agency and…

Washington Post Defends Controversial Snowden Editorial

After paper publishes leaks, Post calls for them to stop

The Washington Post’s editorial page editor is defending a controversial editorial on Edward Snowden that maintains the NSA contractor who leaked government surveillance secrets should surrender and that his leaks…