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DreamWorks Markets Lassie as Merchandising Star

Studio bought Lassie in 2012, now seeks to capitalize on recognizable brand

When DreamWorks bought the rights to Lassie in 2012, it seemed like an odd move. The fading brand didn't appear to have much clout in an era ruled by viral…

OMD's Final Front Brings Together Brands and New Original Content

Multiple client bids for each idea

They came, they saw, they bid. Nearly 40 blue-chip advertisers—among them PepsiCo, FedEx, State Farm, Toys R Us, Intel and JCPenney—snapped up original ideas during a recent first-of-its-kind event that put…

OMD to Host First Upfront-like Session for Branded Content Projects

Dubbed the Final Front

Media powerhouse OMD will bring big money and big ideas together in a first-of-its kind Hollywood event this week that will put deep-pocketed advertisers directly in touch with cutting-edge content…

Analysis: Netflix, DreamWorks and the Brave New Content Licensing World

New material will be in addition to upcoming Turbo: F.A.S.T.

Netflix has signed an agreement with DreamWorks for exclusive content produced by the latter, in addition to the upcoming Turbo: F.A.S.T. (based on this summer's movie, Turbo, about a racing…

DreamWorks to Buy Youth-Oriented YouTube Network

AwesomenessTV is the site's answer to Nickelodeon

DreamWorks Animation will pay $33 million for a tween- and teen-oriented YouTube network, The Wall Street Journal reported. The studio is expected to close a deal this month for AwesomenessTV, YouTube's…

Struck Places Easter Eggs in a Location Finder

And just what's behind that interactive zipper?

Specs Who From left: Executive creative director Steve Driggs, CEO Daniel Conner and chief operating officer Pauline Ploquin What Advertising, design and digital agency Where Salt Lake City headquarters It’s not easy creating branded…

As Ex-Partners Vie for Movie Deals, Netflix Expands Originals

Sony deal goes to Starz; Dreamworks set for new kids' show

It's got to be bitter to lose a contract to your old business partner. That's what happened to Netflix yesterday when Starz won a deal over the streaming-and-delivery service with Sony…

Netflix Signs Content Deal With DreamWorks

It's replacing the studio's HBO partnership

It’s been a rough month for Netflix, which faced a million-subscriber loss when its price hike went into effect and some serious backlash from the Qwikster split, but there’s finally…

Netflix Says Price Hike Will Slow Growth

Some disgruntled customers will likely drop the service

Two weeks after announcing an upcoming 60 percent hike in subscription fees, Netflix is getting ready to face the fallout in the third quarter. In yesterday’s earnings report for the second…