Topic: Anti-smoking

Watch This Man Ambush Smokers at the Point of Sale With a Brutally Personal PSA

Because smoking doesn't have to kill you to ruin your life

Even if your smoking habit doesn't kill you, it can still make you miserable. A new PSA from the Brazilian state of Paraña illustrates that point quite effectively with this long-form…

Want to Look 20 Years Older Than You Are? This Amazing Product Can Make It Happen

Order the Wrinkler now

Yesterday we saw a skin cream specially designed to give you wrinkles. In that same vein, check out the spot below for "The Wrinkler," a product that will help you…

Truth's Tinder-Themed Anti-Smoking Music Video Baffles, Delights and Terrifies

YouTube stars left-swipe all cigarette users

Truth is out with a new anti-smoking ad, and it's a long way from stacking body bags outside the offices of tobacco companies. "Left Swipe Dat," created by 72andSunny, features a…

Unnerving PSA Portrays Smoking Moms as Murderous Psychopaths

Is it too much?

So ... this is disturbing. In a new PSA from the Cancer Society of Finland, a mother-to-be prepares all sorts of extremely cringe-inducing ways for her baby to kill itself…

Ruined Faces of Smokers Are Turned Into Halloween Masks in Britain

Trick or treat?

Holy smoke, check out these disturbing masks from British online clinic HealthExpress! Inspired by actual images of ravaged humans from cigarette-pack health warnings, they're designed to show the effects smoking…

Terrie Hall, Star of the CDC's Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign, Dies at 53

'A public health hero'

Terrie Hall, who starred in Arnold's brutal national anti-smoking campaign for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, died this week in North Carolina. The image of Hall hiding the…

Wyoming Anti-Smoking Ad Is Strange and Two-Faced

Someone can help you (and you) quit

Ad agency Sukle in Denver made this "Need Someone" spot promoting the Wyoming Department of Health's counseling services for people who want to quit smoking—hopefully before they go into full-on…

Canadian PSA Takes Aim at the Noxious Epidemic of Social Farting

It's like being a social smoker

"Just because I fart at parties now and then, it doesn't make me a farter." That's how I plan to begin my memoirs, and it's also a key line in…

Debi Austin, Star of Infamous Anti-Smoking Ad, Is Dead at 62

1996 spot was one of a kind

Debi Austin, better known as the lady who smoked a cigarette through a tracheotomy hole in her neck in the infamous "Voicebox" anti-smoking ad, died Feb. 22 after a 20-year…

Happy New Year! Here's a Horrible, Disgusting Anti-Smoking Ad

U.K.'s cigarettes get tumorous

Britain's National Health Service decided to close out 2012 with a feel-good PSA offering plenty of heartwarming holiday cheer. Just kidding. They released a super-disgusting anti-smoking ad. This time, a…