Topic: Airlines

Ad of the Day: Turkish Airlines

Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi go head to head in a commercial that might just break YouTube

I have a question: What possible Turkish Airlines flight could have both Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi on it? Are they taking advantage of round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to…

The Spot: Airline to Heaven

McCann Oslo brings the magic back to air travel with a spot for a Norwegian carrier

IDEA: It's a sad irony that flying, literally the most aspirational of human pursuits, has become synonymous with pure hell. Customer-service failures are the norm, to the point where one…

The Spot: Frequent Fliers

Southwest Airlines knocks people around to illustrate the perils of business travel

IDEA: You are now free to move about the obstacle course—but be ready to get punched and pushed into a sea of grubby water or a pit of scorching foam.…

Ad of the Day: Virgin

The company's three airlines team up to shoot a short film at 35,000 feet

Branded entertainment often falls at the starting line for lack of a buzz-worthy hook—but Virgin seems to have a winner, in terms of publicity if not actual content, in making…

Ad of the Day: British Airways

As many airlines cut back on food, BA touts its 'height cuisine' perfected for high altitudes

Foodie culture is everywhere—even at 30,000 feet. British Airways is capitalizing on the slow creep of culinary obsession with a new ad campaign called "Height Cuisine" from BBH New York focused…

Perspective: Snoring in Your Seat

Boeing's marketing, from Stratocruiser to Dreamliner

It’s not often that an airframe manufacturer needs to trouble with direct-to-consumer advertising. After all, few shoppers flipping through a magazine have $332.9 million to drop on a new 747.…

Perspective: Come Fly With She

After decades, the young and cheery flight attendant still dominates the ads for air travel

Back in 1971, National Airlines ran a TV spot that featured its young and attractive flight attendants chirping a tagline destined for infamy. “I’m Maggie—fly me,” said one pearly toothed…

Three Move to Finals in United Continental Review

Arnold, mcgarrybowen, TBWA\Chiat\Day to duel

Three shops have advanced to the final round of the review triggered by United’s merger with Continental. The finalists are Arnold, mcgarrybowen, and TBWA\Chiat\Day, according to United Continental Holdings. A selection…