Notable Taskmaster Martin Scorsese Befriends Siri in Latest iPhone Spot

TBWA's celebrity series continues

Following spots with Zooey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson and John Malkovich, Apple on Monday night unveiled its latest celebrity endorser—Martin Scorsese, whose demanding schedule puts iPhone personal assistant Siri to…

John Malkovich Finds a New Best Friend, Siri, in Pair of iPhone Ads

These two were made for each other

For those of you who were getting a little tired of Zooey Deschanel's iPhone commercial with Siri—you know who you are—here's a breath of fresh air. John Malkovich has stepped…

Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Long-Lost '1944' Apple Video

Nine-minute spoof of classic '1984' spot

Amazingly, almost 30 years after it was made, a short film created by Apple as a spoof of its "1984" Super Bowl spot has finally surfaced. Called "1944," it's set…

34 Apple Commercials Starring Celebrities

Zooey and Sam are the latest in a long line of personalities

In our review of Apple's new iPhone spots with Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson, we said the company doesn't often use celebrities. Technically, that's true—the vast majority of its…

New Fragrance Smells Like an Apple Product Being Opened

Mmm, glue, plastic, rubber and paper

I never noticed that Apple products smell a certain way after you open them, but that didn't stop Air Aroma from turning it into a fragrance. The scent was designed…

Apple Gets 'Samsunged' Yet Again in Latter's Super Bowl Teaser

Will it really dent the iPhone?

Samsung will try hard to sell us a line about Apple in its upcoming Super Bowl commercial by 72andsunny, but I'm not buying. As in the client's similarly themed spot…

Infographic: Apple to Apples, the Tech Company vs. the Fruit

How do they stack up, anyway?

Here's your goofy yet ultimately edifying—and certainly entertaining—infographic of the day: Apple to Apples, a study of how the tech company matches up against its namesake fruit. Turns out they're…

Creepy Steve Jobs Action Figure Will Be a Real Collector's Item

Apple expected to take action against toy company

Steve Jobs left us in 2011, but you'll still hear more about him than most living CEOs in the coming year. Here, the Apple founder gets the superhero treatment in…

'Blue Busters': Apple's 'Ghostbusters' Spoof From 1984

Internal sales-meeting video surfaces

You want me to watch some company's goofy internal sales-meeting video from 1984 based on Ghostbusters? Thanks, but I'll pass. Wait, it's from Apple? OMG, lemme see! In October of…

New Samsung Ad Mercilessly Mocks Apple Fans

Why wait in line, hipsters?

The divide between Apple and non-Apple users widens another yard or two with Samsung's new Galaxy S II ad from 72andsunny, in which people waiting in line for an unnamed…