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After 3 Decades Designing Logos, This Agency Pivoted to Full-Fledged Campaigns

Specs Who  VSA Partners (l. to r.) marketing lead Bill Rosen, CEO Dana Arnett, engagement lead Curt Schreiber and CMO Heather Torreggiani What Creative agency

One of Retail’s Most Recognizable Logos and the Minneapolis PR Man Who Created It

Stewart K. Widdess probably didn't think he was making history. For the time being, all he had to make was a name and a logo. It was 1961, and Widdess was the publicity man for Dayton's in Minneapolis. A downtown landmark since 1902, Dayton's was a fancy department store that sold things like fine jewelry and cashmere sweaters.

How Budweiser Ditched Its Old Look and Crafted a New Visual Identity

What goes into giving a major marketer like Budweiser a top-to-bottom makeover of its core product? The entirety of the beer behemoth's visual identity—packaging, logo, typography and more—recently got a face-lift from design firm Jones Knowles Ritchie, which has been tinkering with it since December 2013 and gave Adweek an exclusive look.

Could You Draw Brand Logos From Memory? We Asked People in Times Square to Give It a Shot

Many of the world's most recognizable brands have the world's most recognizable logos. And a successful visual identity of a brand can, even without showing the brand name, make consumers name it instantly.

What Makes a Memorable Logo Design (or Redesign)?

If you've ever wondered what makes a logo sticky, unforgettable even, you're not alone. Branding firm Siegel + Gale wanted to know too, but after finding little research providing any insight, the shop decided to look into it.

How an Alien Doodle Became Reddit’s Simple, Versatile Logo

This is the story of how a bored college kid let his mind wander in class and wound up changing the world. Wait—haven't we heard this one before? You bet we have. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg—all were bored college kids who went on to accomplish a thing or two.

Google Doesn’t Just Have a New Logo. It Has a Whole New Look for the Mobile Age

Google's branding just got a makeover.  The 17-year-old tech leader today released its new serif-free logo with a two-minute video showcasing the evolving ways consumers use Google's many digital services, from search to navigation. 

Here’s What 22 Famous Logos Would Look Like If They Swapped Colors With Competitors

We already know what makes a successful logo—remember, simplicity is key. But what about its color scheme? A Brazilian graphic designer, Paula Rúpolo, recently experimented with 22 major brand logos, swapping the colors of a brand's logo with that of its competitors. The results are mesmerizing and, surprisingly, viscerally unsettling. 

StubHub’s New Logo Signals a Change in Its Mission

After roughly a decade with the same logo, StubHub decided to give it a refresh as the brand looks to redefine its identity. StubHub wants to give its customers an end-to-end event experience rather than simply selling them tickets on the secondary market.

Here’s What the Most Popular Brands’ Logos Have in Common

When it comes to creating a successful logo for your brand, it seems simplicity is key.