StubHub’s New Logo Signals a Change in Its Mission

From reselling tickets to whole-event experience

After roughly a decade with the same logo, StubHub decided to give it a refresh as the brand looks to redefine its identity. StubHub wants to give its customers an end-to-end event experience rather than simply selling them tickets on the secondary market.

The company is expanding its content and would like its site to be a destination where consumers can find information like where to eat or park, what the best modes of transportation are, and what the weather will be like. Essentially, StubHub wants to help people with everything relating to the event in question. 

The new logo, which launches today, removes the two tickets from the exclamation point. According to Bridget Burton, head of brand management and creative for StubHub, the design change fits with the brand's new strategy. 

"For us, it's about our evolution," Burton said. "[The logo redesign] relates to where we're going as a company. Looking at other tech companies, looking at our peers, and seeing what we needed to do and the changes that we needed to make, it goes into our design system, overall—looking for something that is really clear and organized as well as something that still captures the energy of the brand." 

Duncan/Channon, the lead creative agency for StubHub, has been working on the new logo since last summer. 

"Overall, this is about us as a company taking a step toward things that are more than just a secondary-ticket site," said Burton. "Tickets are still very important to us, and they're very important to our consumers. We're the leader in the secondary market, but what we're doing is we're starting to build around that." 

For the sake of functionality, StubHub wanted a logo that would scale easily from a mobile platform to a large sign in the middle of a baseball field. The new design, which StubHub sees as more "modern," allows the company to do that. While it primarily will be used in blue (as seen above), Burton says the company will be expanding the color palette with a new campaign this fall. 

"We're doing that for versatility's sake," said Burton. "It's about being able to reach consumers in a consistent way they still recognize but having a little expression that can scale across a bunch of different mediums." 

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