You Can Help Share The Last Wish Of A Suffering Child On Twitter


By Mary C. Long Comment

This continues our Pay It Forward Friday series.

No one likes to see sick children, it’s depressing and makes us worry for our own little ones. But would you be willing to put that discomfort aside for a moment and help ease their suffering?

Hope so. Because all it takes is a tweet to help share a child’s last wish – and the smiles you’ll create in return are well worth this tiny bit of your time.

The Share 4 Kids Foundation “brings smiles and joy to children who are suffering from a terminal or life-threatening illness by sharing their wish.”And they ask that you follow them (on Twitter and Facebook) and help them share the children’s wishes they post.

Their mission is simple: “To bring a smile to the face of a child in need.”

We can’t always cure a disease or end the pain that a child is enduring, but we can help bring a smile to that child’s face. Share 4 Kids will be sharing the wishes of children and asking you to participate in that wish and asking you to share that wish with your social media network (Twitter, Facebook etc), with your email contacts, and with co-workers, friends and family.

What kinds of wishes does the page share? They don’t have a ton listed yet, but the ones that ARE listed are asking for photos and letters. Surely you can oblige and help share their wishes on Twitter? Check them out:

If you know of a child who has a wish to share, reach out to them!

And if you have social media or email marketing expertise and would like to help this cause, they’d love to hear from you. It doesn’t take too much effort to help, just send a tweet and ask your followers to pay it forward and retweet it!

(Image from Shutterstock)