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SheKnows Parenting,Too

New site empowers the entire parenting lifecycle
  • June 24 2012

“Life just got easier.”

That’s the cheerful, optimistic philosophy driving AllParenting.com, a new website from the publishers of SheKnows. No mere mommy-blogging platform, AllParenting is a content-rich hub of information about every aspect of motherhood, from trying to conceive to teaching teen­agers independent living skills. Sections with titles like “my HOME,” “my TABLE” and “my STYLE” showcase features for women who are more than mothers. According to Kyle Cox, president of SheKnows, the site was created with today’s modern parent in mind.

“We found that other parenting sites were focused on capturing a woman’s attention during pregnancy through early childhood, only to drop off the map as kids get older—with no in-depth teen and tween content or content beyond early elementary years,” Cox says. “AllParenting seeks to fill that void by supporting and empowering parents through their entire parenting lifecycle, pregnancy to post-graduate.”

Part of the point, Cox explains, is to treat parents like people. “Parents today aren’t like parents of decades past, and it’s time for a site that keeps up with the modern mom’s social savvy, online engagement, and satisfies the wide range of tastes and topics most important to her,” he says. By giving parents access to content about all areas of their lives, AllParenting equips them to be better parents, friends, partners, family members, mentors and more.

Starting this month, celebrity guest contributors including Tori Spelling, Elizabeth Banks, Alicia Silverstone and Kendra Wilkinson join the community of high-profile mommy bloggers and parenting experts to share their advice and unique personal mommy experiences with readers of AllParenting.

By engaging with users through social media channels, the site provides visitors with opportunities to connect, react and interact. “Readers can also follow authors who they relate to, just like they can on Twitter, to be up-to-date on their latest posts and stay connected with their favorite contributors,” says Kristin Bustamante, AllParenting editor.

For example, parents of tweens can find content targeted to their specific interests. Arming parents with information allows them to make the better choices and guide their tweens toward making good decisions for themselves.

AllParenting encourages honest conversation among moms about what influences their tweens—what they’re into, what they buy and what limitations they are given. This makes the site an ideal place for moms to turn to as a source for all things tween.

Interaction and sharing are key features that make AllParenting a new type of mommy site. “While we know Facebook will always be a way for friends to connect, AllParenting provides an exclusive environment where moms can come together, communicate with other moms, and share their tips, trials and triumphs. We’ve taken the best elements of social communities, and woven them within AllParenting to create a large community built around the award-winning content for which SheKnows is known,” says Cox.

At whatever stage a parent connects with AllParenting, it’s potentially the start of a lifelong relationship built on assurance and enthusiasm. “Custom sponsorships, which SheKnows has been known for, will be unique on AllParenting. Utilizing celebrity contributors within the programs, providing personalized content to users and having strong social integration creates a true two-way dialogue between consumers and marketers,” says Tara Schmitt, SheKnows SVP of sales.

What this means for advertisers is an engaged, receptive and loyal audience. The features on AllParenting, from the personalized content to celebrity contributors and strong social integration, bring new ways for advertisers to reach moms and really create a conversation.

Balance is tough to achieve throughout parenthood, especially as children turn into tweens and tweens turn into teens. “The tween and teen years are a scary place. AllParenting supports and empowers parents thanks to a heavy focus on social content,” Cox says. “Readers can quickly connect with other parents of tweens and bounce ideas around, see what has worked and what hasn’t, and generally feel less alone in the intimidating world of raising a soon-to-be teen.”