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To Pin or Not to Pin

What makes Pinterest users stick?
  • March 23 2012

Pinterest is the social world’s freshest It Girl. But the site feels oddly like analog in the digital world—breathing new life into a very old tradition: scrapbooking. Just as vacationing has become about documenting, checking out cool stuff has become about sharing. So who are our reinvented scrap-bookers and how similar are they to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby loyalists of days gone by?

To find out, Draftfcb dug into some Likester data. Likester tracks what Facebook “likes” are associated with different Facebook pages. From this we can build a highly representative profile of Pinterest fans.

Pinterest fans are appreciative of the upper crust. They want to appear educated and cultured, reading  Smithsonian Magazine, frequenting The Art Institute, listening to The Civil Wars and spending their 6 a.m.’s in Pilates.

Call Pinterest fans snobby, but they’re not ashamed to covet the finer things in life. They scoop up finds from Bluefly.com, Williams-Sonoma, rag & bone and Anthropologie. Notice that they hide from the flashy or cliché. This crowd shuns Lacoste and Ferrari, and would rather be caught dead than caught rocking out to Ciara, Taio Cruz, Miley Cyrus or Gucci Mane.

Meanwhile, they wear their social conscience on their sleeve. The ultimate Pinterest fan drives a Toyota Prius while snacking on Stacy’s Pita Chips with Burt’s Bees conditioned lips.

Despite their digital interests, these folks are highly traditional. They love crocheting while dinner’s in the Crock-Pot, discussing The Old Farmer’s Almanac or Anne of Green Gables and plotting their next trip to West Elm or Pier 1.

But cry “Suzy Homemaker!” and you’ll get a slap in the face. Pinterest fans are all about the powerful woman. They read The Red Tent, Emily Giffin, and Self magazine. They titter over someecards, Bridesmaids and Chelsea Handler.

Pinterest fans seek romance and drama, but they don’t want escapism. They’re into real-life special moments, found in everyday inspirations like Yankee Candles, Nordstrom Weddings, The Bachelorette, David Tutera and Dove Chocolate. The Help, War Horse and The Kids Are Alright ring true, but mysticism is unappealing. Pinterest fans despise The Twilight Saga, the Harry Potter series, The Alchemist and Angels & Demons.

Today, even traditionalists must be digitally adept if they want to keep up with modern sensibilities. Pinterest is a godsend for the culturally steadfast, letting them cling to the classics—red lipstick, aprons and hardcover books—without seeming like out-of-date collectors of dusty relics.


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