Adults Catching Up On Mobile Data Usage

It’s not just teenagers texting their friends anymore. MocoNews is reporting that “users aged 18 to 24 are driving most of the growth in SMS and MMS usage,” according to […]

CNN Clarifies Their Mobile Strategy

For a long time, CNN has had a mobile web site. But their advertising for it has been, shall we say, less than obvious. Now that they’re finally placing large […]

MLB Welcomes Apple to the Big Leagues

Major League Baseball fans can now get their daily fix on the go using Apple’s iTunes Store. Each day, you can purchase a 25-minute episode of Daily Rewind for […]

Web Surfers Actually Pay Attention

Contrary to a popular belief that Web surfers don’t stick around on any one page too long, this Reuters article cites a recent study that concluded people have a greater […]

Apple and EMI To Sell Music DRM-Free

Today Apple and EMI, in a surprise press conference in London, announced that starting in May, consumers can purchase any music that EMI currently sells from their “digital catalog” without […] – Use WordPress for Business

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Flash and CSS showcase galleries

Everybody needs inspiration and web designers often is seeking for inspiration in different CSS and Flash galleries, and, I think, every web designer have their own favorite spot where he […]

TiVo Goes Mobile (Sort of)

Well, not exactly – you can’t record TV shows onto your cell phone. But you can now control your home TiVo using TiVo Mobile, if you have Verizon Wireless and […]

Mobile Ad Deals Take Off

Presumably due to CTIA Wireless conference, there were lots of announcements about mobile ad deals this week. (We already reported on some of the largest ones here.) MediaPost has a […]

Cellphones Are Still Too Hard To Use

At CTIA 2007 in Orlando, Florida, I wrote several stories for PC Magazine about the keynote speeches and the state of the industry. It seemed everyone is realizing that phones […]