Mobile Gaming Revenue Heats Up

According to Gartner, mobile gaming revenue is on pace to grow 50% this year alone. That’s a worldwide number, though. In the U.S., the numbers are still fairly modest, with […]

For News, Study Finds Massive Overlap in Print and Web

A recent study by Scarborough found that 81% of survey respondents read the print and online versions of newspapers. Furthermore, as the day goes on, less people read the printed […]

Is the Applications Directory Automated?

I was browsing through the Facebook applications directory earlier today and noticed the listing on the left. I found it pretty funny that the description to says “I can’t find […]

The Facebook Ad Network?

I just read an interesting post by Charlie O’Donnell who wonders if someone will build an application that is the Facebook ad network. This is truly an intriguing concept. Imagine […]

Microsoft Powers Up MSN Mobile

Microsoft’s new MSN Mobile portal (located at offers news, sports information, entertainment features and access to services like e-mail, search, maps and instant messaging all on one page, according […] Messenger Emoticons

Meebo – one of most popular web based instant messengers after receiving suggestions from community are offering to users new emoticon set . These emoticons have made by listening to […]

Scribd Powers Facebook Docs

I’m a big fan of the document sharing site Scribd. When I learned that Scribd launched a Facebook application in order to provide the “world’s largest library of schoolwork and […]

Instant Messaging on Facebook

There is a new desktop application in the works that is going to integrate an instant messenger application with the Facebook platform. This is pretty slick. The application will display […]

Flex Your Personal Library

Edward Frederick of Washington, D.C. has created a pretty useful application for listing your personal book collection. This follows the trend that I previously discussed in which users within the […]

Facebook Food Fight Find Friends Fast

The beauty of Facebook applications is that you never know when you’re going to find a new one. You neither know when, nor how you’ll come across a fun little […]