J8L, Pianos, and the Golden Palace Casino

Two updates on recent Fishbowl items: NYTer Jenny 8 Lee’s dispute with her former landlord is now officially in the courts to the tune of $148,000 in damages. Reliable Source […]

Entertainment Tonight: Crappy Journalism At Its Finest

A tipster tells us that tonight, Entertainment Tonight will air a story about Michael Jackson’s ex-wife (and mother of two of his kids) Debbie Rowe’s recent plastic surgery including Botox […]

Roger Black on Neal Boulton

Black on Boulton

Knock Knock

From my artist pal (and trusty, adored gallery assistant) Jeffrey Teuton comes a link to the weirdly alluring Knock Man Family, from the “Art & Musical Group” Maywa Denki. Nobumichi […]

‘The Note’ Falls for the Trap

We talked yesterday about the anonymice administration background briefings, and lo and behold, here’s The Note today quoting the same exact thing: When a White House official conceded in a […]

Sticking Up For the LA Times

Announcing a new feature: To spare my readership from trudging through the LA Times in its entirety, each day I will find the one compelling paragraph therein and post it […]

Beaker Banking System

Beaker Banking System

Nikki Finke: Bourgeoisie-Poor And Proud

In her LA Weekly column, Nikki Finke weighs in on the Bernard Weinraub farewell piece. Her main point: She’s less susceptible than Weinraub to the moral corruptions of Hollywood journalism […]

Rather and POTUS Bond Over Texas

It sounds like there was some tension in the air at the traditional pre-State of the Union luncheon with network anchors and the president. The Post’s Howard Kurtz and FNC’s […]

Freedom Tower: Still don’t hear no drills, Larry

You ride past it every day, so maybe it’s appropriate that you check into where WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein is at with (re)construction of the Freedom Tower, the cornerstone of […]