U. of Miami student on death-by-blog watch

Miami_football1First, Neil French claimed “death by blog” after he resigned from his job after online postings publicized his not-so-progressive view of women in advertising. Then, Daniel Lyons of Forbes tempted fate by calling bloggers an “ online lynch mob.” Both parties have survived intact. We’re not so sure about Kyle Munzenrieder. The University of Miami undergrad earlier this week posted on his blog a rap song recorded a couple of years ago by football players from the University. (Needless to say, this is not safe for work or for anyone offended by rapped misogyny.) Calling themselves “The 7th Floor Crew” after their residence in the Mahoney campus dorm, the players do a passable Getto Boys imitation, complete with unflattering views of the ladies and robust takes on their prowess off the field. Deadspin, Gawker’s sports blog, picked up the post, which then led to an story about the “controversy.” Normally, bloggers like to get credit for being the first to link to something. This is not one of those cases. Outed as the blog that first linked to the recording, Kyle has been berated by Miami football fans claiming he cast a pall on the season and dredged up old University of Miami football team stereotypes from the 2 Live Crew era. What’s more, ESPN conveniently pointed out that Kyle lives on the sixth floor of Mahoney, which might make for some dicey encounters around the snack machines. Kyle blamed ESPN for manufacturing a controversy over an innocuous two-year-old tape, but Deadspin advises him to take off a little early for Thanksgiving. It is not a good sign that Kyle’s blog is down this morning.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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