Bloodthirsty Zombies Uncover the Magic of Running in Brooks’ Cinematic 3-Minute Ad

Running in a pair of sneakers made by Brooks Running has magical powers, according to the brand's very first national TV campaign. The power of the shoes (and running) can transform your day from dreary to delightful and can even transform a pack of bloodthirsty zombies into something that's, well, almost human.

It Turns Out There Is a Cure for Zombies, and It’s Zumba

These have to be the most coordinated zombies in the world. Even when they shamble, they do it in sync.

Ad of the Day: Canadian Zombie Stops Being So Damn Nice in Hilarious Film-Fest Ad

A lot of U.S. zombies don't get the chance to see things through the eye holes of their neighbors to the north, mostly because of the constant and distracting craving for brains.

The Walking Dead Pranks NYC With a Grate Full of Grabby Walkers

You're walking along the streets of New York City, earbuds firmly in place, texting furiously and doing your best to ignore the press of humanity as it swarms around you … when the monster-movie version of the very horror you're seeking to avoid erupts out of a street grate. It would be enough to make you drop your skinny latte on your skinny jeans.Score another victory for prankvertising and AMC. For a moment there, I had forgotten about The Walking Dead, which shambles onward, entering its fifth season even as the zombie apocalypse genre is starting to feel like a rotten cliché. The stunt itself, orchestrated by ad agency Relevent, is simple and effective, but there's a surprisingly real and sweet moment when the zombies restrain themselves from scaring the bejesus out of a little girl who wanders up to the grate in curiosity.Of course, they don't have any reticence about scaring their own cast. Norman Reedus was recently pranked by costar Andrew Lincoln and one-limbed Vine star Nick Santonastasso. They set him up with a fake interview in Tokyo and then sprung the undead on him.Between those two incidents, and the even more aggressive "Devil Baby Attack" prank for the horror movie Devil's Due, it seems ambushing people in NYC with horrifying half-humans is the strategy of the season. If that's what it takes to breathe life into the zombie genre, then prank on.Credits below.

Hyundai Giving Away Another Zombie-Proof Survival Machine in Latest Walking Dead Tie-In

The new ad in Hyundai's ongoing tie-in with AMC megahit series The Walking Dead features a scruffy bunch of zombiepocalyse survivors who could pass for Woodbury refugees taking shelter with Sheriff Rick and crew. That means they'll probably be dead soon. Sharp sticks will get them only so far against angry hordes of walkers and that pesky black cloud that hangs over our heroes.The latest commercial, from Innocean USA, helped kick off the drama's fourth season this week and launch the next round of Hyundai's Chop Shop initiative. Fans can win a custom-designed, tricked-out, zombie-proof 2014 Hyundai Tucson in the "Survive and Drive" sweepstakes. If it's anything like the inaugural prize, unveiled at the recent New York Comic-Con, there will be razor wire and machine guns.Hyundai, an early sponsor of The Walking Dead, has to love this killer alliance. The show's Season 4 premiere pulled in a record-busting 16.1 million viewers, up 30 percent from its previous high-water mark. More Chop Shop-centric ads will debut on Hyundai's social media networks within the next few weeks. See the previews below.

Ad of the Day: DieHard Batteries Prove There’s Life in Zombie Ads Yet

The scary strong ratings for AMC's The Walking Dead—we'll surely see killer numbers shortly for Sunday night's season-four premiere [UPDATE: Yep]—suggests there's very little zombie fatigue out there among TV viewers.

Does the American Shopping Mall Have a Second Life?

Here’s how to have a good time at the local shopping mall,” a reviewer called Bunny E. posted on Yelp this past February. “Load the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ soundtrack on your MP3 player and go to the mall between 7-8 a.m. (before they even turn on all the lights). Hit play and immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world.

Agency to Prospective Clients: Call Us or We’ll Send a Drunken Zombie After You

This self-promotional clip from The Ungar Group, a boutique agency in Chicago, shows what might happen if you crossed Mad Men with The Walking Dead.

Zombies Swarm Around Infected Hashtag in Clever Campaign for Walking Dead

Whenever I write about zombies, I tend to bury the lead. That's a grave mistake. Anyway, here's a case study about how the Darewin Agency used social media to make The Walking Dead a hit on France's NT1 TV network.

Giant Rotting Fingers Count Down to Walking Dead’s Return

Toronto's Union Station has been graced by this cool "zombie hands" installation for The Walking Dead that loses a finger every day until this Sunday, when Season 3 returns to the air. I wonder who's in charge of removing the fingers. Does the agency make some intern walk down there every morning and do it, or is it some Union Station janitor's responsibility?