Ad of the Day: DieHard Batteries Prove There’s Life in Zombie Ads Yet

Y&R Midwest charges up the genre

The scary strong ratings for AMC's The Walking Dead—we'll surely see killer numbers shortly for Sunday night's season-four premiere [UPDATE: Yep]—suggests there's very little zombie fatigue out there among TV viewers. Even zombie-themed commercials, parasitic though they may be, continue to replicate—zombie-like themselves. And luckily, some of them are actually entertaining.

This latest one, from Y&R Midwest and Tool of North America director Tom Routson, for DieHard car batteries, is a great little 70-second ride of comedy and dread. Dead car batteries, let's face it, are an age-old adversary for your typical mobility-challenged zombie evader. And indeed, here a battery sits lifeless at precisely the wrong moment.

The spot is wonderfully staged, paced and shot. But the reason it really sings goes back to the Y&R script, with a curious little story of betrayal and redemption that's neatly seeded between a man and woman fleeing the undead. The relationship takes just seconds to establish, but it gives the ending a kind of joyful energy that not many zombie ads, steeped in carnage, ever manage.

The campaign uses the hashtag #SurviveZombies and includes an offer of 10 percent off DieHard products at a zombie-themed landing page.


Client: Diehard

Spot: "The Getaway"

Agency: Y&R Midwest

CCO: Bill Cimino

CD: Pam Mufson

CD: Jeremy Smallwood

Executive Producer: Brian Smego

Producer: Deja Von Ende

Production Company: Tool

Director: Tom Routson

EPs: Brian Latt, Dustin Callif, Oliver Fuselier, Danielle Peretz

Producer: Cindy Becker

Editorial: Whitehouse Post

Editor: Matthew Wood

Executive Producer: Dan Bryant

Producer: Laurie Adrianopoli

Visual Effects: The Mill Chicago

Original Music and Music Licensing: Beta Petrol 

Sound Design and Mix: Another Country

Sound mixer: Dave Gerbosi

Addtl sound design: Matt Wood