It Turns Out There Is a Cure for Zombies, and It’s Zumba

Somebody needs to tell Rick

These have to be the most coordinated zombies in the world. Even when they shamble, they do it in sync.

Zumba, the popular dance fitness format, showcased its founder and a few employees—dressed up as Walking Dead extras—in a choreographed Halloween-themed routine. The digital short, launching this week on social media, follows up the brand's first-ever TV ads from last fall, which showed people in everyday situations being overcome with an urge to twerk it out.

In the new video, the undead get happy feet. And the more they move, the more humanity they recover. (So that's the answer to the zombie apocalypse? Worth a shot, at any rate.) Zumba seems to be suggesting that you go ahead and try this at home, if only to see what it does for your liveliness.

The spot, conceived in-house and produced by Tristark Productions, used a Phantom drone and 5K RED Dragon cameras for its slick look. South Florida, where Zumba is headquartered, serves as the backdrop.

There's also a behind-the-scenes short on the makeup and effects: