programmatic advertising

Adobe Buys Programmatic Ad Player TubeMogul for $540 Million

In a deal to bolster its video offerings for advertisers, Adobe has acquired demand-side platform TubeMogul for $540 million.

Google Is Targeting Travel Marketers to Buy Native Programmatic Ads

In July, Google started offering native programmatic buying through its DoubleClick network with a pilot program that lets publishers make their so-called native advertising inventory available to brands.

Survey of Creatives Finds a Major Gap in How Advertisers and Brands Use Data

Programmatic advertising is a term thrown around a lot in the world of digital advertising, but a survey of creatives suggests many agencies still don't understand exactly what programmatic is.

Spotify Is Now Letting Brands Target Listeners Worldwide via Their Playlists

Don't be surprised if the Spotify ads you hear start to match the vibe of your playlists.

LinkedIn Is Launching Programmatic Advertising for Display Ads

LinkedIn is beginning to offer advertisers the option to buy display ads programmatically for desktop devices.

Creatives and Programmatic Players Are Increasingly Getting on the Same Page


Condé Nast, The Times and Forbes Tap Into New Location-Based Programmatic Platform

CANNES, France—Location data company Blis today is announcing a private marketplace designed—among other things—to help media buyers understand whether their ads are served in a geographically accurate fashion.

Rubicon Project Is Helping Publishers Win the Second Screen With Programmatic Olympic Ads

For the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, one programmatic advertising company wants to help brands that aren't paying the big bucks for an official sponsorship or major TV spot still have a "second chance for gold" by winning the race for the second-screen.

Univision Is Going Big on Programmatic Advertising Across All Properties

No joke: The Onion is finally going programmatic. 

iHeartRadio Aims to Streamline Ad Buying With Programmatic Radio

Jelli's new platform could help iHeartRadio rapidly ramp up programmatic advertising. Animation: Dianna McDougall; Source: Getty Images