Data Leakage Devalues Publishers’ Biggest Asset — Their Audience

I’ve worked on countless media kits. Every one of them talks about how well the publisher knows its audience. Big Data says they know your audience, too. They tell advertisers not to waste money paying a premium to reach buyers in your magazine or website, because their scary data analytics can pinpoint buyers even better.

Andy Kowl is a journalist and entrepreneurial publisher with more than 30 years developing, marketing and growing publishing companies. He is senior vice president of publishing strategy for ePublishing Inc., the leading enterprise publishing system (EPS) provider which manages content, audience data, workflow, newsletters and e-commerce for hundreds B2B online publications. He helps publishers increase reader engagement and response by integrating behavioral data with contextual content, and shows them direct ways to monetize the results. Andy writes the B2B Beat blog for Publishing Executive magazine. His background in B2B includes publishing, editing and/or owning magazines and information products covering specialty retail, horse breeding, real estate, credit unions, Wall Street compliance and wireless technology.