5 Ways Publisher Technology Lags & Hurts Monetization

The publishing space is one of the most rapidly evolving markets across the digital landscape. Unlike the majority of the platforms hosted online, publishers rank on top alongside ecommerce and SaaS when it comes to traffic spikes, fine-tuning ROI opportunities, and constant innovation in a red ocean of ad networks, browser updates, malicious iframes, and ad blockers.

Mario Peshev is the CEO of DevriX, a global WordPress agency serving industries from publishing to automotive and airline. Peshev focuses the majority of his time on running his business and leading distributed tech teams at DevriX of 50+ people crafting high-scale WordPress solutions optimized for revenue. Mario started with development as a hobby and built his first website in 1999. Since 2015, DevriX has consistently ranked among the top 20 WordPress consultancies worldwide, scaling both world-known enterprise brands and high-traffic publishers with 100M to 600M monthly page views on top of WordPress.

In addition to leading DevriX, Peshev also advises up and coming web developers and tech entrepreneurs, attracting over 2.5 million views to his transparent Quora discussions on his experience of entrepreneurship and IT work life and he recently authored the book 126 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneurship Fad and the Dark Side of Going Solo.