Georgetown Optician’s Eyewear-Crazed Family Is Back in Another Gorgeously Designed Ad

You remember the Voorthuis family, the optically obsessed owners of eyewear retailer Georgetown Optician. They were the quirky stars of agency Design Army's beautifully weird (and "true-ish") commercial last year called "Our Family Knows Glasses"—one of our favorite spots of 2015. Well, the Voorthuis, whose style can be described as Wes Anderson meets the Addams Family, return today in a sequel from the Washington, D.C., agency. The new spot, "The Eye Ball," continues their story, and enriches it, by introducing Grandma Ida, the matriarch from whom the family's eyewear fixations evidently sprung.

Impressionist Classics Finally Come Into Focus in Clever Eyewear Ads

Tell the art history majors to leave the room, because here's a campaign that will make creative types jealous and will make purists' eyes bleed. In a campaign that's new to us but appears to have been running for a while now, Y&R Paris has created a series of ads for eyewear retailer KelOptic showing impressionist paintings brought into focus.

Wish Your Life Had an Instagram Filter? It Could With These Sunglasses

Ever wanted to view your whole world through the earthy optimism of Instagram filters? On the off chance your answer is "yes," then you'll want to check out a new brand of Wayfarer-style sunglasses called Tens.

Warby Parker’s Latest Annual-Report Infographic Is a Sight for Sore Eyes

For most companies, annual reports are a throwaway bit of year-end drudgery. But online eyewear retailer Warby Parker continues to make it an art form. We loved the site's 2011 annual report, and the 2012 retrospective is even more quirky and charming.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, Apple showed us why bigger isn't always better, the Overly Attached Girlfriend made an overly creepy comeback, and Little Caesars discovered something quite unusual in the night sky.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Man ‘Cleans His Lenses’ in Public in Marc Jacobs Ad

Dude, cut that out. Right now. It's unseemly, wrong and so very public. And as any purveyor of fine eyewear will tell you, wiping your sunglasses on your shirt is just plain dumb. You'll scratch the lenses and, in this case, make an overpriced designer product completely unwearable. Flannel as a shammy? No, no, no!

Warby Parker Has Its Eye on You With First-Ever TV Spot

Online eyewear shop Warby Parker has built a loyal online audience in recent years through its stylish vibe, low prices and clean, minimalist site design—and surely won some new fans with its 2011 annual report, which it packaged as a lighthearted, interactive and addictive infographic. Now, like Zappos before it, the shopping site is making the leap beyond word of mouth and hitting the airwaves with its first-ever TV ad. The surreal spot by New York agency Partners & Spade is packed with bright visuals but still manages to be crisp and informative. The images were culled by artist and designer Alia Penner from "1950s magazines, collections of Victorian wallpaper, Japanese architecture textbooks and more," according to the backstory posted on Warby Parker's site. Full credits after the jump.

Billboard for Sunglasses That Are ‘Happy to Sit on Your Face’ Is Removed

This "Happy to sit on your face" billboard, for Spy sunglasses, was supposed to stay up in its Encinitas, Calif., location for five weeks. But it was taken down after just one week due to complaints.

Ad of the Day: Diesel Sunglasses

After a while, all ads for designer sunglasses start to look the same. There's only so much you can do with a seductive waif or grease-covered Adonis looking disaffectedly at the camera in a pair of oversized shades.