Wish Your Life Had an Instagram Filter? It Could With These Sunglasses

Idea hits 1,700% of funding goal

Ever wanted to view your whole world through the earthy optimism of Instagram filters? On the off chance your answer is "yes," then you'll want to check out a new brand of Wayfarer-style sunglasses called Tens.

Calling their creation "a real life photo filter," the makers of Tens set out quite a while back to bring the vibe of Instagram to everything around you. 

"What if there was a way that we could skip all the cameras and apps?" co-founder Marty Bell recalls the team asking themselves. "What if there was a way we could filter everything we see while being disconnected from technology?"

The process clearly wasn't an easy one, as co-founder Kris Reid explains in the video below.

"After two-and-a-half years of exhausting sampling and switching between different supplies, trying to create the perfect lens, we finally have a product that we truly believe in."

The sunglasses are available for preorder on crowdfunding incubator site IndieGogo, where the project has raised roughly 1,700 percent of its goal.

Despite their clear popularity, the sunglasses may leave others skeptical about whether the creators have really achieved their goal of disconnecting us from technology. Is this an example of inspiring people to get out and enjoy the real world, or is it another case of the Internet saturating the rest of our lives?

Via Quartz.