Man ‘Cleans His Lenses’ in Public in Marc Jacobs Ad

No, really, that's what he does

Dude, cut that out. Right now. It's unseemly, wrong and so very public. And as any purveyor of fine eyewear will tell you, wiping your sunglasses on your shirt is just plain dumb. You'll scratch the lenses and, in this case, make an overpriced designer product completely unwearable. Flannel as a shammy? No, no, no! So, that's one of the things that's wrong with this ad for Marc Jacobs sunglasses starring a rakishly handsome young man. The other? Well, there's the simulated public jerking off part. According to The Cut blog, the "lens polisher" is a Marc Jacobs employee from the SoHo store in New York. Hope he got a proper cleaning cloth along with a bonus.

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