Billboard for Sunglasses That Are ‘Happy to Sit on Your Face’ Is Removed

Let's look at the pros and cons

This "Happy to sit on your face" billboard, for Spy sunglasses, was supposed to stay up in its Encinitas, Calif., location for five weeks. But it was taken down after just one week due to complaints. Not many Monty Python fans around Encinitas, I take it. As you can see, the ad didn't really offer a whole lot of context, so it's no surprise it got the ax. Sarita Mihaly, who runs a hair salon nearby—where clients in the chair have a clear view of the billboard—said some people were offended, until she explained it to them. "When I told them what Spy was, they were, 'Oh, OK.' " Of course, if you have to explain an ad like this, you've already lost. Still, says Mihaly, "It created a buzz. It didn't say anything inappropriate, although some people's minds might have taken them to an inappropriate area." That's rich. Another nearby shop owner adds: "It was a nice, creative play on words. I guess this is a sign that our freedom of speech isn't what it used to be." So, let's recap: This is a very creative ad that's being unfairly vilified, not a low-hanging piece of tripe. Got it?