Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Red Bull ‘The Athlete Machine’

This ad for Red Bull features a cavalcade of extreme-sports endorsers linking up inside a ridiculously elaborate Rube Goldberg machine. 


Samsung ‘Overly Attached Computer’

Justin Bieber's Overly Attached Girlfriend raps as an "Overly Attached Computer" in this Viral Factory ad for Samsung's SSD 840 drive.


EE ‘Fenton 4G Remaster’

A year after a clip of a man chasing his dog Fenton went viral, British telecom EE reshot the Fenton video to show how stunning anything on YouTube looks in 4G.


Apple iPad Mini ‘Photos’

Apple goes up against Apple in a series of ads for the iPad mini meant to show the good side of being smaller.

5 ‘Spot the Differences’

Rhett & Link, the comedy duo best known for making awesomely bad local commercials, star in this ad for featuring superbly silly songs by sandmen, tooth fairies, burglars and monsters hiding beneath a bed.

6 ‘Your Mo Will Get Fuller’

Nick Offerman is back with some well-timed encouragement to men growing their 'staches for Movember (and men's health). Offerman's reminder: It gets fuller. 


Little Caesars ‘Stargazing’

A father and son look to the stars for answers, even about what's for dinner, in this loony Little Caesars spot.


Old Spice ‘Cement’

Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings gets stuck in cement in his latest for Old Spice.


PlayStation ‘Assassin’s Creed III Liberation’

When you're bored by your commute, what you really want to do is knife somebody!


Gap ‘Love Comes in Every Shade’

Gap strikes note of joyful inclusion in its 2012 holiday campaign.

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