What’s on Adweek’s Live Shows, Podcasts and Webinars This Week: May 18-May 22

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Adweek has expanded its offering of live shows, webinars and virtual events during this financial crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Each week, we’ll share a schedule of events and links to tune in. (All times are Eastern Standard.)

Monday, May 18

Podcast: Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad
Hosts: David Griner, creative and innovation editor, and Ko Im, community editor
Guests: Kelsey Sutton, streaming editor, and Stacey Bendet, CEO, Alice + Olivia

Streaming editor Kelsey Sutton joins co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im to talk about the state of streaming. Plus, Im speaks with Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet about a new job platform for creatives.

1 p.m. Webinar: The Future of Advertising Is Coming; Are You Ready?

The industry knew change was coming. But as we emerge from shutdown with a tight ad market and the disappearance of cookies increasingly imminent, the time for change is here. But are you ready? You’ll need to know how to elevate your ad experience and get the right kind of attention by rethinking your partners, your creative and your data sets.

Tuesday, May 19

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: Voice of the Pandemic
Nicole Ortiz, senior editor
Jane Kendall, exec strategy director, T Brand Studio

A conversation with Jane Kendall, executive strategy director of the New York Times’ T Brand Studio on how her team is staying creative and fulfilling clients’ needs.

1 p.m. Webinar: Expanding Your Programmatic Portfolio

Since its inception, programmatic advertising has often been thought of as for “display.” But as programmatic expands into areas such as connected TV and digital audio, advanced advertisers are using it as a foundational strategy to efficiently reach users and increase engagement. Focusing on the platforms that are best for your business goals can help your brand excel in a crowded market.

4 p.m. Livestream: I’m With the Brand Live
Host: Ian Wishingrad
Guest: Lindsey Andrews, CEO and co-founder, Minibar Delivery Minibar Delivery

On I’m With the Brand Live, Ian Wishingrad has some rapid fire questions for Lindsey Andrews, CEO and co-founder of Minibar Delivery Minibar Delivery, an on-demand alcohol delivery service available in more than 40 U.S. cities.

Wednesday, May 20

Podcast: Adweek Radio
Hosts: Josh Rios, video editor
Guests: Chris Beals, CEO of Weedmaps, Kimberly Dillon, former CMO of Papa & Barkley and Parallel CMO Lee Applbaum.

On this week’s episode, we’re talking about selling cannabis. Advertising cannabis is constantly changing, but it lets creativity flow. How do creatives keep it together with every state having different laws? Joining us is Chris Beals, CEO of Weedmaps,  Kimberly Dillon, former CMO of Papa & Barkley and Parallel CMO Lee Applbaum.

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: The Influencer Economy
Diana Pearl, deputy brands editor
Guest: Amber Venz Box

Blogger-turned-tech entrepreneur Amber Venz Box joins us to talk about how influencer and affiliate marketing are still making their mark during the coronavirus.

1 p.m. Webinar: Reimagining Audience Strategy and Engagement (with ViacomCBS)

With the global population largely confined to their homes, there has been an enormous surge in media consumption—from streaming to gaming to social—over the past months. As consumers look for new content, media companies are thinking about how to identify and activate new audiences that both increase market share and drive retention.

3 p.m. Livestream: The Way Forward—Restaurants and Retail
Lisa Granatstein, editor and svp programming
Guests: Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt and Athleta CMO Sheila Shekar Pollak

In the fifth installment of Adweek’s new livestreamed video series, Adweek Presents: The Way Forward, we’ll focus on how, during this health crisis, restaurant and retail marketers are quickly adapting their businesses to better serve their customers and support frontline and essential workers. Adweek’s editor and svp, programming, Lisa Granatstein, welcomes Chipotle’s Chris Brandt and Athleta’s Sheila Shekar Pollak as they share how their organizations are forging the way forward.

Thursday, May 21

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: Life Stage Marketing
Ko Im, community editor
Guest: Amanda Goetz, vp marketing, TheKnot

Wedding season is upon us, so how are brides and grooms bracing for nuptials in the age of Covid-19? Amanda Goetz, vp of marketing at TheKnot, joins us.

1 p.m. Webinar: Engaging the New Living Room Audience on YouTube

In this unique moment when everyone is spending more time at home, there has been a huge spike in streaming video viewership. Nowhere is this shift more pronounced than on YouTube and YouTube TV. But what does it take to ensure that brands can engage with this growing living room audience?

Friday, May 22

Noon Livestream: #AdweekTogether: Positive Dynamics in the (Home) Workplace
Minda Smiley, agencies reporter
Alan Trinkle, president, m/SIX, USA

Tips on the best way to create positive dynamics in the workplace, when work is at home. Alan Trinkle, president of m/SIX, USA is our guest.