Meet the McNificients in Dutch Happy Meals, Inspired by Superhero Kids

An animated series and action figures were inspired by children fighting illnesses

One of the McNificents is Fleur, a young girl who suffers from a throat illness.
One of the McNificents is Fleur, a young girl who suffers from a throat illness. McDonald's
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The bravest people in our world are often the smallest. Too many people know a child who was forced to confront an inhumane disease. These children are the closest figures humanity has to superheroes, and bringing their stories alive, comic-book style, is the new campaign for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

“McNificents” is a series of spots from TBWA/Neboko and McDonald’s Netherlands. Three kids who’ve been hospitalized for various illnesses gain special powers. In addition to the films, each superhero was also turned into a Happy Meal toy, and given out with packaged meals on Nov. 27 this year.

Creative production studio Ambassadors helped TBWA/Neboko bring the concept to life via toy design, animation and production of these breathtaking, heart-stopping, gripping stories.

“These kids are incredible, and they’re fighting this all like superheroes,” said Vincent Lammers, Ambassadors’ creative director and partner. “When TBWA\Neboko came to us with the idea, it instantly became a project really close to our hearts and we worked hard to make their characters, superpowers and stories as cool as they can be.”

The children narrate their own individual stories. One of the animated films features Fleur, a young girl who uses the strength of her voice to fight off the recurring polyps on her vocal cords.

Each ad ends the same way, with a reveal of Keano, Julian and Fleur—with a nod to the Ronald McDonald House Charities that gives parents a place to stay for little to no cost when their child is in the hospital. For every Happy Meal sold, a fixed percentage of money is donated to the Ronald McDonald Charity House.

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