Zynga Opens New Office in Bangalore, India

Zynga, the leading social games developer, has opened up a new office in Bangalore, India. According to Zynga, the new “operation will focus on game and large-scale infrastructure development”. One can interpret this to suggest that the India office will be focused on ensuring games have solid networking and scalability backend components.

This office now adds to Zynga’s San Francisco headquarters, their new Los Angeles location and their Baltimore studio. The plan is to hire 100 new employees in India by the end of 2010. The press release states that they are looking to hire computer engineers and computer scientists, which further corroborates that this will be a shop focused on precision development, and possibly tools for the game-makers in the United States. Mark Pincus stated “India offers some of the world’s most sophisticated and rich technical talent bases and we are thrilled to have a local presence.”