Windows Mobile Developer News Part 2: Web Widgets Wobble to WiMo

So, you downloaded the Windows Mobile 6.5 Developers Kit. Now what? Let’s see: Nokia has had a Web Run-Time for S60 that lets you build smartphone apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript since 2007. Everyone seems to be pretty excited this year over Palm’s webOS that lets you build apps for the Palm Pre using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Well, web developers can also apply their HTML, CSS and Javascript skills to develop Windows Mobile apps too. And, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Blog tells you about…

Getting Started With Widgets On Windows Mobile 6.5

You’ll need to download the Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Kit first. So, go start that download and then read through the Microsoft’s getting started blog entry.

But, be aware that you won’t be able to test any of your web apps on a real phone until Windows Mobile 6.5 phones ship or firmware updates for current generation phones becomes available.